Save on fuel by at least 35%
Installing a gas appliance pays already after 20,000 km.

Using a gas appliance is as simple as driving a car, because nothing changes for the driver. Modern gas appliances are fully automatic and similarly to driving with petrol, you just need to fill-up from time to time. Gas is completely safe for the engine and at the same time it is very environmentally friendly.

Switching the engine to gas is very smooth and unnoticeable for the driver. The gas level in the bottle can be
observed from the switch. If the gas should run out of the tank while driving, the gas appliance automatically switches back to petrol and notifies the driver by a signal and flashing of a light on the gas appliance switch. Only one push of a button is needed to switch the alarm off. It’s simple, isn’t it?

By today, Gaznet OÜ has rebuilt more than a thousand cars to gas and been involved in only gas appliances during the last 7 years.

Calculate the exact saving here: Hinnakalkulaator

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